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Garys 68 06-10-2019 03:04 PM

Painting a partial panel (spot repair)
I'm fixing a PVC bumper on an RV. I've plastic welded and filled with a bumper repair kit. Getting ready for primer. I'm going to just tape off the area and and have a sharp transition between primer and original pain (Imron). Painting the whole bumper or to a transition line is out of the question.
My question is, what are the next steps to best blend in an enamel on to existing paint? Mostly interested in surface preparation, sanding, etc on the blend area to get the new paint to stick to the old.

MYBAD79 06-28-2019 01:38 AM

you already say it's out of the question - however, removing the bumper and spraying the whole thing and not masking everything else off is probably the better way to go....
There are plenty on paint forums like SPI, Autobody101 etc..... you'll get good advice there....
I am not a professional painter and had never any luck painting a partial panel, never comes out right and it's only little more effort to just paint to the next separation line , especially if you can take the part off like a bumper....
Blending into existing paint is something that requires experience - even with base/clear systems and taping up a soft line it will require wetsanding/buffing which is usually more effort than removing the part from the vehicle....

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