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Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
Wow, lot's of drama. Sounds like the guy lost a ton of $

I am unfamiliar with the 12 bolt conversion. What is the advantage? Are the parts still available to do this?
Gary is the expert. He is a member here. He has some threads at DC and maybe even here. I think having someone build one is around $5000. Van Steel sells them and some parts (thanks to Ozgreen for reminding me).

Pappy said he has one for sale.

Tom’s still sells the kits, but for how long is anyone’s guess.

Good news is it looks like all the spider gears are hardened, rumor was Tom ran out, but the ones I got look seriously hardened. I was going to post some photos of what Tom did for me 7 years ago (posi assembly and tuning) and what I have now.

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