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I finally burned out on home improvements, trying to get back on the cars.

The gears she sent. They look hardened to me. Tom had charged me a very reasonable amount and built and tuned my first posi. Luckily he has two videos on YouTube detailing the steel clutch posi tuning.

Got a drain plug installed and milled the sides for 1350 inner axles. The big axles only come in a kit from VS, so I got VS 1350 inners. I’ll use them to fill the holes on the spare or gin up adapters.

The lady at Tom’s said they are out of 30 spline inners, but have 17 spline. I’ve checked all the parts and the kit looks complete, plus lots of extra shims for the steel clutches! I just grabbed the VS 1350’s as they were reasonable and who knows when they are gone too.

Hey, any vettemod layers: is it fair use to upload a pdf that is from a magazine article that is 30 or 40 yrs old? I actually have one with all the dimensions shown from the shop prior to Tom’s.

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