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I was able to get this (sort of) working. The last thing I had to do was prop the plates fully open in the throttlebody and put a stop on the cable. It was next to impossible to do this on my back with my head stuffed into the foot well. While in that position, I had to thread a stop/lock collar onto the cable, put tension on the cable with one hand, hold the lock collar with my second hand and tighten the set screw with my third hand.

I ended up with about 85% throttle when floored. The fix for this is going to be adding a spacer under the pedal as suggested above. This will give me the opportunity to correct a weird alignment issue with the location of the cable where it comes through the firewall and the location of the cable where it threads through the pedal rod. It looks like the rod is about 3/8" too long so the cable "bends" to align with the hole in the firewall. Not sure why because the pedal assembly is the same that was installed on the car when new. And so is the hole in the firewall. Oh well, when I put the spacer in, I will correct this alignment issue.
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