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Right - I have the Howe's. Think the "screw-in" versions I got from Colemans. The Moog K5108 is the part as best as I recall.

I think the "mix" is between the several interfaces. First the UCA/LCA to the screw-in Ball Joints (that must be picked to match the spindle). Then the spindle that is picked for KPA, drop, and Ackerman! Then, the Wheel/Tire combo - to house the gear, and then all that stirred in a witches brew to get favorable handling.

The Jegs (and others similar available) might be close enough to do a quick trial if can keep in the lower cost range (trial a less than 150).

I've looked at C5 and C6 hubs and there is not much change in spindle height - if any. C4 - still TBD. The whole thing I'm "worrying here" is the 2" raise I did to the differential. OOPS - now need to work the front end! The big difference using C5/6 on front end seems in the CA angles, lengths, etc, not in this aspect.

So what next... I'm waiting to get some words with 69427 who has done a few C3s to C4 front end mods. And, get up the "nerve" to drop some cash on Suspension Pro! It's just nearly time to do that.

Cheers - JIm
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