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Originally Posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
I think your issue will be pedal travel. The firewall mount is so far forward and the floor curves so much towards the driver that when you put that in, either the pedal will be adjusted to where it's aimed straight at you so that you have some travel.... I also think you may have issues with the width of the dual cylinders.

With that said, if you wanted to hide the MC, that may actually work

As for the clutch, I used the stock hole and a remote reservoir... so there is the ability to get room next to it...

I have pictures if you need to see that...
Sure, I'm interested to see your hydraulic clutch photos.

If I cut the wilwood pedal part way down and adapt the stock clutch pedal I think it will work. But I've got more work to do before I can tell for sure.
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