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I picked up an old aftermarket HT and was surprised at how light it is compared to others. If you are making a light weight version too, have a look at this mounting scheme. Basically 4 bolts hold on the top.

That is the front, the back is similar.
Isn't that basically how the originals hooked on? Not bolts but latches in the rear and front. What would be more beneficial with the bolts? Wouldn't they be hard to latch well from under the rear hatch?
The bolts appear to attach vertically. So instead of all the clamps, bolts, and brackets, you have 4 bolts. probably a few lbs difference. If the cf top is for looks it wouldn't be a big deal. If you are doing a lightweight top this would be the lightest way.
I'd definitely be more focused on the function of the piece vs the look but I'm sure there will be those that would want it purely for the look.
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