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Always good to see old threads still getting some attention..... Now about POR15..... I've used it on my windshield frame and so far so good..... However, since then I've used a few epoxy primers and PPG DP epoxy is by far the best (my opinion)....... Even though that DP stuff is expensive, it's much more manageable than the POR15 stuff... It can also be topcoated with no issues.....

Another member (Mike,"red") told me this back in 2006 or so.....guess he was right about that DP epoxy......

Over the past years I've also used other brand epoxy:TCP global, Shopline, Eastwood .... Never had a problem......

Not saying POR15 is bad, just saying a Gallon of decent quality epoxy is only $100-$250 depending on what and where you buy...... When I bought that POR15 I think it was like $40 for the little starter kit that was like 8oz......
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