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Default High depreciation

This is for sale mid $50k, low mileage, huge depreciation.

In other cars as it really isn’t recognizable.

“2008 callaway corvette! $167,100 build price plus the cost of the corvette! Velocity yellow with full ebony deutschleder german interior. #9 out 15 made! Clean carfax! This callaway vette makes 580 horsepower from its eaton supercharged 6.3l ls3 v8 which is 150hp over a stock corvette. Callaway put in larger fuel injectors, and a auxiliary fuel pump controller. The suspension is upgraded with callaway anti-roll bars which are fitted in the front and rear to help with cornering. This corvette does 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds and with a reported top speed of 200 mph.“

Also a bunch of cars from mongoose Motorsports collection.
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