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Pappy -

Nice pic with a lot to digest, so I'll guess...(or bloviate)

I'm thinking that the dual canards are acting as "vanes" and not only creating downforce (vectoring the flow), but also making an "air curtain" to blanket flow just outside the wheel. Yep, that would create a low pressure area. And, I'll bet that the reason we don't see flow further forward on the wheel is because it has all been exhausted over the top of wheel and also out the louvers. That would be a good thing - more low pressure in the wheel well forward of the tire. [Need a magnehelic gauge and some pressure taps to do some analysis.]

I'm disappointed we see no flow out the side exits. They're open - right?

There is some interesting disturbed area between the F/R wheels, and it looks like it may be wrapping around and under. A skirt could fix that - or sharp edge. Curves are nice looking, but judicious use of sharp edges can be useful too.

Just curious - any DAQ onboard? AEM/MOTEC/RT/Harry's Laptimer?

(What do I know - I'm waiting on some bits to complete that damn suspension!)

Cheers - Jim
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