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More backstory

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Who knows, the way the internet is today and things going viral, this young man could end up with his own show.
but what he won`t have is a Greenwood Corvette...nothing about it is Greenwood
Well, he’s a young guy, just trying to get monetized on YouTube so I won’t get too critical. I think the guy selling it “promoted” it up a bit.

He works for a Corvette shop, so it might eventually be complete.

with that wide body, Wilwoods and a 5-link that car will not be racing with all the production/frame based Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, etc. it will be racing with current era Trans-Am cars in the wings and slicks class where he will be running so far behind the pack it will be sad....rebody it as a 69 OK, but as he is doing it is a waste of time..I`ll add nothing super trick about polished rear spindles (everyone does it) and his rare 5-link is an early RPF (Bill Riley) as sold by Guldstrand...$500 worth of used up junk for $5000, that casey putch is quite the flim flam salesman.
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