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I dunno man, I drove my '72 around the burb, and met another motor head who is in his 30's , just around the block, we all went though this hurry-cain Irma thing, and our ElZappo just came back on, crews from SW Mississippi came in to our burb to fix all the tree damage....we been without power for 4 daze,

So we met, shook hands, and so a fellow gear head and home remodeling contractor turns up just one block over, I was waving and thumbs up to all the crews patching up the region....

Yeh, stuck in big city traffic is a PIA, we really don't have that shituation around here, although the locals here complain, they dunno jack compared to say Wash DC region that I left some 20 years ago....down here people FLY, a shifting point is 80 mph overdrive was needed for my muncie '72, so I went the 200 4r route MAY be able to get up to 80 mph near DC for 1/2 mile or so, then it's either cops or traffic to slow you down ....

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