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Traffic around here (northern Front Range of Colorado) has definitely increased with all the f**king people who move here. Rush hour is bumper-to-bumper stop-and-go mixed with NASCAR racing. Luckily, I usually miss most of it because of my job hours.
The county roads are still pretty nice & uncrowded and in off traffic times you can still have fun, just be careful after dark.
At night you can run 85-90 mph for miles and miles on the interstate. In fact if you're in the fast lane, you often need to or you are blocking traffic.
The mountain roads are so blocked up with traffic, they aren't much fun anymore. Weekends, forget it. Bumper to bumper at 30 mph. Weekdays there is less traffic, but you still usually come up on a truck with a line of cars tucked tight up behind him so you can't pass. Nighttime in the mountains is not a good time for speeding. Deer, antelope, mountain goats, raccoons, skunks, whatever come out of nowhere. It will pucker your ass real quick when you come around a hairpin into 6 elk crossing the road, or have a deer bound out of the trees 50 feet in front of you.
But, yeah, I still have fun driving my car, even to work and back every day. I built mine for low end power, in street range, so it doesn't mind slow speeds as much. But it loves to open up and roll when we can.
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