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Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
Doesn't seem like 20 years!
I got one whiff of an LS price for my '72, 20 years ago, before CF was even invented.....and hell with it, bought out a kid's 350 '89 truck block project for cheap, and had it assembled by a pro.....still there....

Just a few years ago, a junkyard here in FLORIDA, sold my Son an LS1 for a '57 Chebby pickup out in CALIFORNIA 500 bux, shipped....go figger that one...
engine in truck, computer and all, runs fine.....took him like 4 years to get it dun, on account of married/child/house/etc....but my Grandson is being raised right, out in the garage and asking questions that most kids don't know enough to ask at age 8, and the critter is turning 3 next month.....
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