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Originally Posted by JPhil View Post
I have only been to CF, or Digital Vettes either, maybe half a dozen times in the last 5 or so years, and then only searching for posts about a specific subject. What bugs me about both those places is how fast a thread degenerates into yapping or arguing about something that has nothing to do with the original post. Too many people who talk too much just to hear the sound of their own voice.

And yeah, the ads & pop-ups annoy me too.

It may be 'dead' here as far as the amount of 'action', but the folks here are much more thoughtful, knowledgeable, able to stay on topic and willing to discuss rather than argue. And I hate crowds anyway. I'd rather hang out with a few friends in the garage and have quality conversation than go to a noisy crowded bar where you have to yell to be heard over the din of all the bullshitters.
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