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I just have a batch fire L98 setup, 355" and roller cam....essentially a ZZ4 engine, since my car was a '72 the tank had no bladder in it, and it was replaced by previous owners, I too have a 'surge tank' mounted up front and lower than the main tank, my reason for it was to keep the fuel flowing in a turn when the tank got near empty, engine would die/buck/surge soon as the fuel sloshed to one side, so I got a steel 5 gallon air tank and mounted it forward of main tank and lower, return line goes to the surge tank, main tank drains into surge tank, pump takes fuel from bottom of surge tank, I have a locking vented cap, and a more or less stock evap emissions charcoal canister with that black plastic float valve on the left/forward side of the main tank.....

I WAS getting some fuel smells in the garage when tank was full, but at only 50% full there was none....I was scratching my ass but good over that one, finally pulling the rubber rain boot off the filler neck, and found the leak, it was some odd looking fitting off to the left on top of the tank, I cleaned it off and poured epoxy all over it, never an issue since then.....

I even have the fuel filter on the suction side of the pump, and use the stock 3/8 - 5/16? lines for supply and return, not ever an issue in spite of all the guys saying otherwise.....
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