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Default Painting over a glass hood with base clear on it now

OK, this question is from a paint/bodywork be gentle.
I've got a fiberglass hood on my Olds ( I know, not a vette, but it is fiberglass )recently painted with base and flat clear coat.
I want to add a stripe on it to match the rest of the car (sunburst orange) with gloss finish.
Can buy a rattle can of GM 56 sunburst orange (ebay) and gloss clear. Tape off the area (fineline). Clean with prepsol. Rough it with 400 grit or scotchbrite. Then rattle can spray it?
A couple more questions: Is it necessary to sand between color and clear or can clear be applied while the base is still tacky?
And I was thinking about using fineline tape to leave a 1/4" flat black gap with a 1/4" orange gloss stripe on each side. Any hints on removing the tape at a certain stage of drying?
I know, this stuff is basic, but I'm bored with the flat black hood that I almost threw away.

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