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Originally Posted by mrvette View Post
Long as yawl under there, I would like to know the height from drive yoke output sleeve at bottom, to bottom of the cross support...

like this 0

the in between distance on mine is 5"
to this _

at 80 mph at ~2400 rpm with 336 rear and .70 overdrive 200 r4 auto the shifter is mounted to the cross support....I feel a LOT of vibration in the handle....not a GROSS amount, but alot more than I would I thinking of driveshaft angles on the vertical plane.....

ALSO, on that cross support, is the center section where the trans sets a different height than the two section outside of the exhaust loops?? reason is that I modified hell outta my cross support and I wonder if I screwed it up.....

I've got a home made aluminum crossmember for the transmission on the car, so I can't give you any useful height information there, Gene. Sorry.

Regarding the trans support center section, I looked at the old original support and it looks to be 1.5-2 inches lower than the top surfaces of the outside sections.
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