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Originally Posted by 69427 View Post
Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
Don't think there would be any driveline angle problems. Maybe some clearance issues with the transmission tunnel?

When you do crawl under there, can you do me a favor? I would like to know the driveshaft (horizontal) angle compared to the side rails of the chassis.
I can probably do that, if I understand you correctly. Are you basically just interested in seeing if the driveshaft is not parallel to the frame rails?
My guess is that factory cars have the driveshaft level to the outside frame rails. I put a level on a friends cars that is all original and that's what I found. I also saw a restored rolling chassis over the weekend and an eyeball measurement looks like the driveshaft was in the same plane as the frame rail.

When I was measuring mine, I found that the differential is horizontal and the engine is down 3.5 degrees at the transmission. If I were to assemble as is, the angle between the driveshaft and the differential would basically be 0 degrees.

What I did was move the nose of the differential down to it's limit (about 1 degree). So that means moving the transmission output up until I get eqal angles. That means raising the transmission drastically and at this point I think I'm going to be cutting the tunnel out and moving it up.

I really want to avoid that and am puzzled that factory cars have no angle at the differential. I also have a Tremec transmission which makes things more difficult (because of its size).
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