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Yes there was, especially at speed. The car used to have a floating sensation at high speed, an oscillating motion that the dampers did not take out. The car is a mix bag of parts, had FX3 shocks not sure what bars are on it.

The spring rates are determined by vehicle weight and by the spring to wheel ratio. Esp. on the front the coil over arrangement is close to the balljoint so close to the wheel rate. On the rear there's a bit of a lever arm.

I did not select these springs, my buddy simply bought the whole shebang as a set that came with instructions on how to destroy your frame LOL I decided we would do it differently. This is not my car. I have a set of narrow body coil over shocks and narrow springs for on the 91, they will go in without hacking anything up.

Ride height is set by measuring settled height w/ a tape measure. Street car, no need to scale it.

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