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What are you using for an ignition system. With my Dailey Dry Sump I still have a distributer, but its only purpose is for the cam shaft position sensor. I run a crank trigger for ignition. I have a five stage pump that feeds a -16 scavenge line to the dry sump tank. I also have a -12 line that comes off a centrifugal oil-air separator that is driven off the back of the pump. It feeds air that is separated from the oil to the top of the tank. Then I have a -16 line off the top of the tank to a vent can. There is also a -12 line from one valve cover that passes through a vacuum relief valve before it goes to a one-way pressure valve and then to the top of the tank. This valve makes sure I don't have so much vacuum that I suck the seals in and the pressure check valve takes care of any inadvertent pressure spike in the crank case caused by things like a throttle chop. You are right - you can spend thousands on all of the plumbing and fittings.


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