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Originally Posted by phantomjock View Post
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I agree, but it just seems to me that a turning mechanical fan is going to block less air than a non-turning electric fan. (I can't easily prove it at the moment though.)
As I understand 12 fans - unless you lock it mechanically/electrically - it will free wheel (spin) without being "on". Minor - nearly immeasurable drag there I'd think.

Cheers - Jim (aka - Jimmy)
I hand spun one of my spare electric fans (for my street rod), and there's noticeable magnetic drag on it. I was somewhat curious if there was some way to get some "free" recharge energy out of it while cruising down the road, but between the magnetic drag and the inefficient pitch when used as a "turbine", instead of a prop, I'm not convinced that these things freewheel that well.
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