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Originally Posted by vette427sbc View Post
All excellent info!

69427- I like your idea of closing off as much of the front as possible. In fact, I did the same thing with the grilles when you first posted this mod years ago. If you have any pictures of how much you have closed off the underside vents too that would be great! I think with a more efficient airflow design/ducting after those inlets, a smaller (ie: lighter) radiator could be used also. The airflow in the nose pre-radiator has got to be a turbulent mess.
I don't have any pictures, but what I did was a pretty simple temporary block-off while I see how much more I can reduce the air going to the radiator. I had some scrap pieces of Lexan laying around, so I cut some (4) square pieces (about 5" x 5" in size), and then drilled a quarter inch hole in the centers of each. I just slide one of the squares up into the hole and let it rest on the hole perimeter, and then place another square directly underneath it on the bottom side of the hole (sandwiching the hole perimeter fiberglass), and then put the bolt/nut in the center hole and tighten things up to keep the lexan from moving or falling out. I then do the same for the other side. Nothing really new or clever, just a quick and convenient method while I figure out how much airflow I can block off.

We're on the same page regarding radiator size. I'd like to eventually end up with a smaller/lighter radiator. The reduction in coolant volume/weight in a smaller radiator ought to be measurable.

My objective in all this is more front end grip via less weight and less aero lift. I have no realistic expectation of actually getting downforce from any of the mods on my car, and drag reduction is way down on my list. My experience with the car currently is that I've got enough motor and a light enough weight to end up with a vehicle that accelerates well, and has a pretty decent speed coming into the braking zones. I actually appreciate a fair amount of drag to help slow this car down. I've got enough rotor/caliper/pad capacity to reach lockup if intended. What I lack is tire width in the stock fenders.
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