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“The folks at Speedway told us that in its first full season, it made a couple of appearances on the Goodguys AutoCross circuit, culminating in a big win at the Duel in the Desert in Scottsdale. This victory got driver, Robby Unser, and this Camaro crowned as the 2017 Autocrosser of the Year. It’s also worth noting that this was the first non-Corvette to ever claim that title.”

“The ’67 is incredible. It is a bad beast,” quips driver Robby Unser. “Corvettes were winning everything and we wanted to beat the Corvettes but didn’t want to do it in a ‘Vette. We decided we wanted to do it in a Camaro. We found these tires and we were in Phoenix, thinking, ‘if we run those maybe we can do it’. We built the car and worked really hard over the winter, tested it, and ended up winning Columbus and Scottsdale in it.”

Still looking for video.

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