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Originally Posted by racervette69 View Post
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I hope the driver is able to recover completely. I was looking at a youtube video the other night of the Shadow cars, sans bodywork. I'm not a mechanical engineer, but the tub on those things just looked minimal in size and a bit fragile for my tastes.

I've had an interest in the Shadow cars for a while, particularly with the turbo Chevy big block. But for whatever reason, I can't seem to find much detail info on the engine setup. I would have liked to have seen a head to head matchup in the Can-Am series between the 917-30 and the turbo Shadow, but the Chevy engine guys just seemed to be a bit late for the turbo party. As much as I hate to say it, I don't think the turbo Chevy guys would have been able to match the durability of the Porsche engine at the time anyway.
Agree, a little to late. Not much protection for the drivers. Just that period of time. Remember Donahue's accident in the Porsche during testing. Think drivers' safety was an after thought. Then go back to F1 in the 50's and 60's. There is a BBC documentary, on the Killing years of F1. Really eye opening. It points it finger at Collin Chapman's' cars. Fast, light but fragile. Jackie Stewart had a lot in standing up to the builders, making tracks and cars safer. He finally refused to race a Nuringburg.
Just going from memory here. Smokey Yunick (in his book) made a comment about Chapman (who apparently got one of those OBE things from the Queen), and after noticing the marginal safety of the construction of the Lotus cars, called him (IIRC) Sir Don't make 'em very strong (or something along those lines). Smokey wasn't impressed with how close Chapman cut things affecting the safety of his drivers.
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