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Originally Posted by 69427 View Post
Originally Posted by mrvette View Post
What is sorta comical to me, is the concept of the waste spark....

This is all rather similar to the pulse field metal detectors we used to make some 30 years ago, from airport security looking for guns, to the units Mel Fisher used to find the Atocha treasures here in Florida region....
I have never tried it, but it's sorta like reversing the +- on a typical coil, spark goes rong way on the plug, I heard it makes things not run right, but forget why , been a while.....

so if you have a waste spark, the same coil gets fired the same way each time, say 1-6 out of those two, one or six has to have the spark going the rong way when it fires.....kinda hard to not do that with the primary winding being hard wired....NO?? then I would think that the use of one coil/cylinder on the LS would obviously get around that 'problem'.....

what say you???
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