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Default C6 front suspension measurements needed

Here's my dilemma: I'm building a custom frame for a two seater sports car & want to use the front suspension (upper/lower control arms & steering knuckle) from a C6. I'm looking for specific measurements from the stock setup, namely the measurements of the mounting points on the cradle & frame relative to each other and if possible the relative position of the center of the wheel and the orientation of said mounting points relative to probably the ground to give me the proper geometry. Normally, I have a few different people I work with on things like this but Covid shot all of that down. I work with Covid positive patients (I'm a PT in skilled nursing) so I can't have my usual help around. If anyone has the numbers, or can assist me in getting them I'd greatly appreciate it. I saw in the downloads section here that there's numbers for C5 front suspension but not C6. Now I've read & have had people say that the front upper/lower control arms & mounting positions are the same in the C5 & C6 and can interchange plus the geometry between the two front suspensions are the same, although the steering racks are different and mount differently. If that's true, then I should be able to use that information then.
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