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I bought this car 3 years ago for $200 and a set of S10 v8 conversion headers... no title, and on a whim - leaving a swap meet, had been looking for a flat top wagon (I'm not a fan of the skylights) - and they are rare.

other than surface rust and a bit of mud in the quarter... it seemed solid in all its normal 'rust' places... yeah, oops

what really drew me to this car was the radio-delete... this was as bare-bones as you could probably buy a Buick then.... no power steering, no power brakes, just a 300/automatic (and the 300 was MIA)

what I didn't know was this car had a reputation for taking people's money. It's got 4.10 rear gear and drag-studs.... that said that is the plan for it

initially, I bought a GNX "hot air" motor for it but mostly because it was $400, came with the 200r4 and the quick ratio steering box (the car was really, really rusted).... that said, technology has really done a lot with the 3.8 - and eventually, that will find a home in it.... but I had a 6.0 LS from a Denali and figured it'd be a cheaper/quicker way to make this run

2 years I got the title by tracking down the owner 2 owners prior.... who is a pastor. This is interesting because the pastor who baptized me drove stripper cars and carried tools in the back to help people. He was a legend at buying the loss-leader from a dealership - which were usually cars with the same spec as this car. He would, after that deal was done tell them he'd like to buy another same-car for his wife, but this was the going-to-church car so he wanted ALL the bells and whistles. What's funny is he'd get that car for a loss too.... weirdest part was even though the dealership lost money on both cars, they'd visit his church... and laugh about how well he did. It really is a gift.

I'm not much into slow cars, so my goal here is "nothing to see here, just an old guy in an old wagon" .... who just blew by you so fast that it turned your Lambo inside out. It will be sliver/red interior... and honestly look about the same as when it arrived.... it will have a/c because Buick... but this motor is the stocker that I'll pull once it's on the road to replace with something in the neighborhood of a 1000-1500 hp 3800 V6... nothing to see here, just some big/old/wagon.
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