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new tool.edited do I recommend? maybe.edited It's about as powerful as an air die grinder - the straight kind.edited So it is useful, but keep in mind I punched one hole with it and did the rest with my larger Makita..... which is dying because I use it to smoke coming out - and it keeps working but the writing is on the wall for it (and my Makita sawzall)

these were done with the Makita - this is the rear-most mounts on the car and both were rusted solid - so no choice but to cut replace the nuts and weld back (when I get my nuts)

I can't imagine why GM made this nut-holder so complex

this was done with the new tool

finished welding the battery box

the rest of my evening was a fan-favorite wire brush the dirt off the underside

I weighed it, 10 lbs of dirt

tomorrow a bit more cleaning then likely put the body back on because the motor may be ready for my Corvette.... I need to get it out of the shop because the next parts of the Buick are dirty in both dust and overspray
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