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Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
I ended up putting a fusible link on the power wire coming from the starter to the horn relay and another from the horn relay to the interior of the car (through the fusebox). That is the way the car was set up originally. Except the alternator charge wire was had a fusible link. I have a fuse on the charge wire (alternator), headlights get power from the horn relay so they are on a fusible link, and my radiator fans are on circuit breakers.

Thanks for clarifying. I decided to go with AMG fuses rated for 60 amps for the time being. Believe my alt puts out 60amps but don't have an amp probe yet to verify.

I noticed with the universal "hot rod" style harness I have 10 awg coming from the alt and going into the fuse box then another 10awg going from the fuse box to the starter solenoid.

I'm now wondering if I'm even charging the battery with this setup or if the 10awg wire from the alt is just for the volt meter. Thinking of wiring 6awg from the alternator direct to the starter solenoid. So, 6awg from alternator to AMG fuse block, other side of fuse block install my 10awg wire going into the car, continue 6awg to another AMG fuse block where my rad fans are supplied power then other side of block to the solenoid. This would give me complete protection on all small circuits as they would be sandwiched between protection on the 2 main power supplies (battery and alternator).

Might sound confusing but I think this is the route I'm going. Let me know if anything looks off.
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