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Default Piston area: floating vs fixed

Not corvette related (unfortunately!) But I am trying to adapt a bigger caliper to my daily driver, and Im curious about differences in piston area.
I need to retain the stock master cylinder, and I want to maintain the designed F/R bias for the ABS/traction control.

Stock caliper is a floating 2 piston design with 43.9mm pistons. Total piston area comes out to 3027.25mm^2

The caliper I am hoping to use is a fixed 8 piston with (4) 31.9mm and (4) 27.9mm pistons. Total piston area comes out to 5642.32mm^2

Am I right in thinking that I will have a similar pedal feel since the pistons in the fixed caliper will only have to travel ~half as far to achieve similar clamping force?

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