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Just a thought - or two. Go-Gone is a pretty good oil "cleaner." It is basically an Orange-Oil (not juice) based cleaner. But it seems to work pretty well on oil. Maybe in combination with a vacuum? Like you were doing a layup - after wiping down with Go-Gone. You might be able to pull the oil out - once it is loosened from the "glass. Be sure and use a "trap" on your vacuum setup!

BTW, this is sort of how Reverse Osmosis was discovered (by "legend"-anyway). A boat hull was pretty waterlogged (sea water) and when they put a vacuum and bag on it to try and save it. They noticed the water that came out was potable - not saline. Now, this may be urban legend - but a technique that might be worth adapting to your situation.

Cheers - Jim

Also, Purple Power?
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