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Originally Posted by vette427sbc View Post
This is a major bummer as Ive got my drysump drive pulley and power steering pump in close enough proximity to make bracing that LCA bracket way more complicated than it needs to be... Better to catch now, than later I suppose. Thanks for the heads up, Pappy

PS I went to visit my car at the fab shop in NH this weekend... Slowly, but surely
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Car looks great! You might get by with a simple bracket that supports the top of the control arm mounting tab and ties it to the connecting crossmember. Or, if you have room, a "bridge" between the pick-up brackets. Looks like the failure was because the control arm was pushing on the bolt above where it was supported, if that makes sense. It might get a little tricky under the rack on the driver's side. I talked to the guy who was driving the Chevelle when it broke. He said the geometry (roll center, caster gain, etc. was good, but they did go with a softer sway bar and less front end travel.

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