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I'm starting to get PMs telling me you guys are recieving the shirts and really liking them. You know every time I go to re-order shirts my shirt guy always trys to sell a cheaper shirt he says it will cost much less and he can give a far better deal than what he's doing for me know. I say NO WAY, personally I can't stand wearing cheap T-shirts, they are uncomfortable in the heat (I'm in Fla) and the better shirts last longer. No, I am not making much money on the shirts (it helps pay some of the bills in this unemployment time, hopefully not much longer). It's the quality and comfort that counts the most.

Thanks everyone for your orders, I know you will all be very satisfied once you recieve them. Please feel free to tell anyone to come to to find out more about the "real" NCRS or you can give out my email ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) to anyone who asks.

Thanks again,
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