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Just heard that in Ohio they have issued 2200 speeding tickets for people doing over 100MPH. That's just who got caught. Who knows what the actual number is. Since this pandemic started, I've never seen so many people driving like crazy.

Highway patrol: More drivers cited for 100+ mph after Ohio opened from coronavirus shutdown

The number of motorcyclists killed was up by 52 percent compared to the previous July and pedestrian fatalities was up by 123 percent, DeWine said. Early data for August indicates 122 people were killed in crashes in Ohio.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Col. Richard Fambro said there was a significant decrease in traffic volume and crashes in the early months of the pandemic. By the end of April, 28 fewer people had lost their lives on Ohio roads compared to 2019.

ďAs Ohio began to open up, we saw a definite uptick in crash, fatal crashes, and a significant increase in the speeds in which vehicles were traveling on Ohioís roads,Ē Fambro said, as he appeared at the news conference via video.

As of Tuesday, troopers have issued more than 2,220 citations for 100 mph or more. Thatís a 61 percent increase compared to the same period last year.
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