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Old 12-23-2015, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Kacyc3 View Post

damn maybe I should have started with a different car.
Then you would suffer from boredom.....I too did a rack conversion, winter 01-02 Grand Am rack, using two universals, made entirely from junkyard parts, got lucky and found a new clean rack in a car with the engine removed....like someone tied a nice red bow on it for me.....

35 bux, another 30 bux for many many many combinations of universal joints from various GM cars so took the joints apart and mix/matched them up to work, if you look at the stock GM joints you find the grease caps are just crimped in place from GM, I just did the same, been fine... the expensive part was getting the adapter block for the stock tie rod ends to join the rack output.....I lucky in having a commercial welder buddy who does all my welding, like the rack supports, and a modification to correct for bump steer on the rack output block I had made....I cut the stock tie rod sleeves and took 9/16 rod inserted inside it, welded, and covered with a fresh tube over the old one, welded ends on it also....looks factory and I have legit tie rod ends, not some after market rusty heim joint....

maybe take a look at my site below for an idea I had due to a Verizon truck backing into my left front bumper and totalling out that Ecklers sugar scoop I had in there with the tall square lights, I junkyarded a couple of later Camaros for their front lights, built a new mount set on each tray, moving the lights forward about 1/2 way, traced the OEM curves on the headlight cutout, and brought forward about 1/2 way on each side so the huge opening is 1/2 size fore/aft which looks much sleeker I don't even have a plastic cover, IMO not needed due to the smaller openings....and the lights are at stock height too, so .gov approved....custom grill is hardware store aluminum TIGs up by my buddy....
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I have a little list, let ALL of them be MIST......
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Old 12-23-2015, 07:54 PM
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I ran across a few different threads about how to do it and when I get ready i will revisit them and probably do a bump to see if anyone has an update on their setup. Till then I need to get this damn dash back together so I can drive it.

For headlights I was thinking something more like this

You only get to choose 2.
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Old 03-28-2018, 06:49 PM
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Been awhile, heres an updated list.
Then the list.
Lose the 4x4 stance (coil overs?) - front semi coil overs, long bolts rear
new upper control arms for Geometry - Global west
Grand AM rack and Pinion (tired of the slop and leaking fluid)
97 Aurora mirrors - painted to match does that count?
custom fixed headlight set up
80-82 front and rear bumpers - rear bumper waiting paint
New heads,retro roller,intake bigger EFI (Want 450 rwhp) Fastburn heads, Holley HP on the shelf.
L88 hood - done
black out all chrome
new 18" wheels
Alum front and rear bumper supports
rear diffuzer
some sort of belly pan
bubble tail lights
repair misaligned 1/4 panel
re-glue loose door skin- done
reglue fender and nose where its coming apart - done
remove the ugly ass gold pin stripes by repainting
Tint windows
Install Dewitts radiator
Insulate interior
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