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Default Well, you asked for it.

It's best passed on verbally with the punch line delivered in the correct dialect - through firmly gritted teeth.
The great man was a close friend of Mike Doodson, then the Grand Prix editor of 'Motor', UK's biggest selling weekly car magazine. Both very popular characters.
They were such good friends that when in Brazil, MD always stayed at 'Emmo's' house.
Everyone went to bed early on the eve of the 1974 Brazil GP, but that didn't help. During the night there was a power cut and all the electric alarms lost an hour.
The only clockwork alarm was in the tiny room of the young housemaid, who awoke and began work as usual. After a while she was aware that despite this being Race Day, no-on else had stirred. After many minutes of indecision, she timidly knocked on the door of the master bedroom.
The uproar and chaos that followed can only be imagined.
MD said later that Emmo burst into his room, threw some clothes at him and said "Car! Now!"
They fell into the Lamborghini and wheel-spun out of the driveway.
MD said that for the next hour he expected to die every second. Down the big main road towards the race track Emmo was "overtaking inside, outside, on the grass, over the flowers down the middle, everywhere possible and impossible."
Eventually they joined the traffic jam into the circuit, and marshals seeing the Lambo's windscreen pass directed them into the VIP lane to the paddock.
MD said "I started to breath again and realised I was going to live. I said 'Emmo, don't you have traffic police in Brazil?' He replied:
'Yes, and they are both very busy men!'

And Emmo went on to win!
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