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Got a link for the one you bought? I did the DEI tunnel shield in my.... tunnel, and it had an adhesive backing. Not anything I would trust to keep it affixed by itself though. I also mechanically fastened mine using the factory clips and starter cable studs.
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Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
I ended up buying the DEI tunnel shield. When it came I noticed there isn't an adhesive backing. DEI sells a spray adhesive but it is "rated" at a max 160 degrees. Probably OK in the tunnel but not 1/2" away from the header.

Anybody know any high temp spray? Maybe epoxy it on?
I have a piece of DEI tunnel shield in my hand. It has an adhesive backing and a thin plastic film you have to peel off. Their add says the adhesive is good to 450 degrees. I also use their heat tape around the edges to keep moisture from soaking into the shield material.


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This is what I bought:

Design Engineering (DEI) 050506 Heat Shield Material
This Design Engineering (DEI) Heat Shield Material is made of 10 mil aluminum bonded to a layer of high temperature resistant glass fiber and withstands temperature up to 1,750 degree Fahrenheit.

Never saw that it didn't have adhesive backing until I received it. Searching around looks like I should have ordered DEI 050502
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