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Originally Posted by DeeVeeEight View Post
Strange, my '71 Buick 350 is hard to start cold and can be difficult but the 'Vette starts with barely a touch of the key. I wish you luck in getting it started and getting it weighed.
I appreciate the encouraging words.

I did finally get it running. I hooked up my timing light and cranked the engine over, and the timing light indicated I wasn't getting any spark. I thought shit, hopefully it's not the ignition module, as I believe I might own the only three of these modules in existence (they were a prototype piece intended for a European customer, but IIRC we didn't get the contract, so other than the handful I kept I believe the rest were destroyed). Nevertheless, I pulled the distributor cap, and things looked okay visually. I checked the coil by turning on the ignition, and then with a jumper wire tapping/shorting the coil C- terminal to ground (simulating dwell), and got a spark, so was happy there. I then hooked my 'scope to the coil C- lead, and cranked the engine, and it showed dwell, so that indicated the magnetic pickup and the module were likely okay. So that just leaves the rotor and cap, items I've never had issues with before. I looked the cap over, and other than a little dusting inside, it actually looked quite new (I'm pretty sure the cap is a few decades old). I cleaned it out with a paper towel and alcohol, and dried it out. The rotor looked like it's got some miles on it, but nothing terribly obvious wrong with it, that I could see. I had to run an errand for the wife, and ended up stopping at a nearby parts store and bought a replacement rotor (what the hell, they're pretty inexpensive). I put everything back together, and checked for spark with the timing light, and hot damn, the engine started right up (apparently some fuel still remaining in the manifold).

I've only ever seen a rotor appear to be the cause of a no-start twice in my life. Once years ago when I helped my uncle get his 50's Massey tractor running, and apparently today with the '69. I need to look the rotor over with a magnifying glass to see if there's any cracks or arc trails.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get to the scales and see what the car weight is.
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