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Default New Vendor Appreciation Pin

Nostalgic Chinese Reproduction Syndicate
Vendor Appreciation Pin

In celebration of our mission to recognize those who resurrect that old but loved American icon: the Corvette - we would appreciate nominations for the cherished & valueless Nostalgic Chinese Reproduction Syndicate’s - Vendor Appreciation Pin for a Job Done…

One must admire the façade of correctness, an Asian facsimile will purport to present. It’s an exquisite cheaply manufactured, cheap labor reproduction of a quality General Motors part - that originally endured 20, 30, 40 even 50 years. Short life is a measure of these cheap knock off’s …. it will last for how long … ? As long as their vaunted vacuous Tail Lamp Parking Lot Guarantee. Why pay more for …

With beauty only skin deep, the basis for this award is the reduced life span of that exquisite looking far western turd - (or is it terd?). However, if the krap failed right out of the box, the Vendor Appreciation Pin includes a Red Star to suspend from your rear view mirror or below the crossed flags on your lapel.

Please feel free to nominate worthy recipients.
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