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Default VetteMOD Posting Guidelines

We would like to add some reminders to all participants of the Off Topic forum and all other VetteMOD forums.

Please, if you see a post that you feel requires the attention of moderators, there is a ďReport PostĒ button in the post window, it is a flag in the upper right hand corner of the post window. Please report any post that you feel we should be concerned with. Do not post a response in a thread that you feel requires the attention of a moderator, report it. That is what the moderators are there for. If you have any doubts about whether a post should be reported, do it anyway, we don't mind.

Also, please try to keep the discussion related to the thread's original topic, or in other words, try to keep threads on topic (in the Off Topic forum, yes, I know). Too often we see these threads go off track and the discussion has nothing to do with the original poster's intent.

This is not the Controversy Forum. We donít have one of those for good reason. If you want to discuss politics, religion or other controversial subjects, there are many other large forums that have a PR&C section and as a bonus you will have a bigger audience for your complaint.

VetteMOD is a hobby forum; we have no full time staff. Some things may be posted that we donít catch immediately. The content of all posts are the views of the individual members, not the owners of this forum. So, if you do not agree with something posted here, reporting the post as outlined above or PMís or email is your best solution. Posts made with the sole intention of inflaming a situation are not constructive.

Also, lets try to keep offensive language under control. The user agreement that you "signed" when you joined VetteMOD specifically states that you will not post vulgar words or statements.

Finally, Posting on this forum (or any forum) is a privilege not a right. Please treat it that way. If your posts are locked, edited or deleted due to one of the issues outlined above do not re-post the same issue or post another thread about it. Please contact us at help@vetteMOD.com if you feel that your issue requires our attention.
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