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Originally Posted by Sam Cogley View Post
Just as often, they start feeling sick and go back to their nesting place to die. Also, poisoned mice can kill cats or other animals that eat them, and that you might not be trying to kill.
Wife started feeding stray cats out front, starting with Roofis, who was noticed camping out on our roof, never wanted to be inside raised HELL over it, so kitty came to be some 16 y/o we figger....and some other strays joined in the party......well the other two were killed by escaped Pitt bulls that roam around at night once in a while....1/4 acre lots so no idea who owns them.....two of them killed at one shot, and wooden we know, Roofis was found dead on neighbor's front porch not a week later....bleeding from the mouth the other two were severely mauled.....out two indoor cats go out back into the fenced yard, and seem happy enough there, they don't wander far.....oh well....
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My indoor cats don't go outside, but I have an incredibly friendly neighborhood feral that I also take care of. He's (well, formerly "he") been living on my enclosed porch for a few weeks, one of the unfriendly local feral cats tore a big hole in his leg that required stitches. I'm not letting him out to roam until it's healed. The silly bugger thinks everyone and everything is his friend, he keeps trying to make friends with my cranky old female indoor cat, and when she hisses at him, he just gets a really confused look on his face.
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