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Old 04-03-2020, 11:42 PM
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Default NY Post online lead story today

Another distant Kennedy in today's news and a rerun of an article about another one - Saoirse Kennedy Hill.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill died of an accidental drug overdose. Toxicology test found fluoxetine, norfluoxetine, diazepam, nordazepam and methadone. Sad yes, but overblown and frankly I’m tired of reading about that family.

My cousin Stephen Michael Lynch got no coverage in any newspaper when he died. He wasn’t related to a politician or celebrity. In 1968 Steve was drafted & sent to Vietnam in 101st airborne division. Around Thanksgiving he was in a foxhole in the Ashau (sp?) valley & hit with an RPG. Two other were killed; his foot was blown off & he was rescued.

A week later he was back in the USA at Valley Forge VA hospital. With his father I visited him and nearly every patient in the hospital was younger than me. It was terrible. Most all we amputees. Some no arms or legs. He was delirious and the nurses medicated the guys with lots of morphine. The bones were eventually trimmed back to the knee joint. He developed a life long heroin addiction. He OD’ed on Heroin probably from mexico & Fentanyl probably from china June 24, 2014 RIP. He accomplished more at 18 than any of those in the NY Post article.

We grew up together & we very close. His mother bought the 1963 split window I still own today. On my web site under my 1963 Corvette is a photo of Steve jacking up the rear to put on slicks.
Everytime I think of him I cannot help but cry.

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RIP, addiction is a terrible thing.

I worked for two years before college and saw alcoholics ruin their lives, pretty much never drank after that.

People are saying liquor stores are being kept open now so people donít suffer withdrawal.
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