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Old 05-11-2014, 02:21 AM
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Default EFI Recommendation

My 70 Project car is now at 454 cubic inches... I plan to up it with larger pistons up to 490's to 502. (The engine hasn't been built, but I do have the 454 crank.)
Any recommendations for an EFI unit? So far I've been planning on just using a carb. I think all in all an EFI would be much better, but an EFI is $$$$ and I wouldn't know which to buy anyhow.

I have a stock "high" rise 67 BB manifold with rectangular ports for 3X2 carbs . I have the carbs on the manifold, but they need to be restored. This is another attractive option, since 3X2 carbs in an early C3 BB looks really traditional. (I think this is a pretty rare Corvette part.)

..Maybe another question, is their a fuel pump I can buy now that can be used with either carbs or EFI? I'd be interested in now installing a fuel pump at the rear of the 70 that could accommodate either a carb or EFI installation.
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Old 05-11-2014, 11:23 AM
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Typical DPFI pressures are up from 38 lbs....mine runs in the 42-44 lbs region....

My old Carter fuel pump put out like ten lbs which is fine for a Carter AFB carb....but will knock the float valves open on a QJet....so I had to put an inline fuel pressure regulator, it was about 2" diameter on the black dial and knocked it back to ~4 psi and it ran fine.....but this was maybe 30 years ago, I not sure what is made these days....have to search Jegs/Summit local store.....

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Old 05-11-2014, 11:44 AM
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I guess the question is why you want efi. If you expect adding efi will magically double your gas mileage, you'll be disappointed.
I love the look of the 3x2 carbs.
The engine mounted carb pump should be about 7 psi, efi pumps run between 15psi (tbi) to 60psi (spfi), so just get the correct pump for your application.

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I have EZ efi on my C3 and I just got the bits to put the knuckle-dragging carb back on it. The EZ is having a terrible time with the Thumpr cam....

if you're at 502 ci, you'll probably be well beyond the capacity of the self-programming efi systems unless you step up to port injection.
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