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Default I miss Her sometimes

The title has two meanings. One brings to mind a joke I saw on TV one day. The Comedian said it was a poem he wrote called "I miss her some times". It went like this....

I ran in to an old girl friend of mine the other day

Then I backed up and ran in to her again

I miss her sometimes

And that pretty much sums up how I feel about one of my ex girl friends.

But on a much more serious side

In another two weeks or so it will be 17 years since my Wife passed. I never remarried. I dated a lot for a while and then I met the ex GF mentioned above and that pretty much put an end to my dating several years ago. I just don't want to deal with that kind of BS any more. I got hurt and I got gun shy.
But I digress.
I really do miss her, my Wife, sometimes.
Okay, most times.
I miss having someone to share the responsibilities of every day life with. The decision making, the food shopping, sharing the house hold and life's day to day tasks. I miss a gentle touch, a caring look, a kind word and even a not so kind word when I deserve it. I miss sharing meals, sharing good times and bad, making plans for vacations and going on said vacations. I miss making dinner for her and the way she wanted me to handle the finances even though I am so bad at it. And I'll admit, I miss the extra income from her job, we both made about the same amount of money. It was not a lot, either of our salaries but together it was a comfortable income and we made a good life of it.
And I really, really miss being able to ask "Honey, what do you think?"
Seventeen years. She died way too young. She would have been 65 this December.

I try to start each day with a prayer of Gratitude. I thank Him for all of the goodness each day brings. I thank Him for walking beside me and not abandoning me. I also thank my loved ones, alive and passed, for looking over and protecting me.
My life is not perfect and the stress of being alone is not good but all in all I have been blessed. If I live to see it and I am pretty sure I will, this coming February will mark my 20th anniversary of being in business for myself. Next Friday the 22nd, if all goes well with the bank and my mortgage refinance, I will clear myself once and for all of the mess I got myself into with the ex GF. I had her co sign my old mortgage/loan and have regretted it deeply. Last week my Son bought his first new home and he is rehabing it before he moves in. He has been working with me in my business for about 3 years now and while it was rough for the first 2 years, he has really grown a lot and has been a great asset to me and the business, which will be his one day.
My life has been a journey. All in all it has been a good one. Not glamorous but nothing to be ashamed of either. With a bit of luck I will get another decade or two or three before my time is up. My Grandfather married 5 times and lived to the age of 93. Who knows what life will bring?
Thank You for allowing me to vent. My emotions are all over the place. Who knows, maybe I am bi-polar now? Happy and sad, up and down. But Grateful for it all.
And yes, I miss her some times

I posted the above a few days ago on another (Buick) forum that I frequent.

This past Friday all went well. I went to the Title agency and signed the new mortgage papers. This weekend has been very peaceful. I feel much more at ease and can now move forward with plans to maintain and improve the house. It is mine (and the banks) and the storm has passed.
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Age 73 here, finally older than my '72 vette, house built in '72 also, by happenstance.....I share many of the same issues....

married now for the 3rd time and we had a BALL, until her mother started staying with us, not that it's a huge issue by itself, but the drag on my wife is really showing BADLY after 5 years.....she is 65......turning 66 next month....

her mother is same age as my sister, mid 80's.....my Mom was 94, Dad was 79

what gets me is that I have my health issues too, so who knows if wife and I can get to happy times again, reality ......

"Hell, there are no rules here ... we're trying to accomplish something." Thomas Edison
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Old 09-25-2017, 10:48 PM
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Good on you for hanging in there.
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I have two philosophies I try to live by. I even had business cards printed up with them on each side:

"Feelings of remorse, regret and guilt are only self-indulgence. They do nothing to rectify the situation, only avoid responsibility. They are an attack upon the self and attack is the problem, not the answer."

1) Life is not fair.
2) Shit happens.
3) Deal with it.
4) Get over it.
5) Shut the fuck up.

And looking at my post, it occurs to me a 3rd one--see below.
Kill the Buddha

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