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Originally Posted by rtj View Post
Nice work mfain! Thanks for posting the pics.
Thanks guys. I am working several new aero projects for the car and will post photos when able.

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Originally Posted by mfain View Post
Originally Posted by phantomjock View Post
Pappy -

Like to hear more about your Lotus 78/79 inspired side tunnels. I have had side tunnels in the SR side pods for about 3 years now. Built as 10 degree and 20 degree. Haven't"swept" with an airfoil section - just straight, flat ceilings. Butt dyno says it works well. Plan has foam and glass inserts, not built yet.

I had side skirts (Chaparral-style) and that was like the car was literally on rails. They were 2 inch aluminum, and Tech missed seeing them as we teched on grass. Pulled them after a weekend to stay "legal."

Faster motor? Maybe a servo is the answer. Placement of the control arm is key to keeping the loads down. On my back burner is an Active Aero module to be semi-autonomous, sort of wings level trim, that "paddles off" under acceleration (DRS) and under braking - increases. I'm sure we have some brighter EEs here than me.

I have planned a complete testing of some of the components ion the SR. It has been the Mule for the "vette mods, and once I get a few bugs sorted out and the test done - I'll share too.

Cheers - Jim
Hey Jim,

I have the tunnels/belly pan/diffuser off the car right now doing some undercarriage work, but I was able to take a couple of photos to show how the diffuser tunnels are set up. The sketch shows how the tunnels blend into a rounded leading edge that is actually an extension of the firewall. The area highlighted at the rear is the portion of tunnel that is shown in the following photos. Photo 2 shows the side skirt (under construction at the time of the photo) and the third photo is of the tunnel assembly with side skirt. The last photo shows the actual diffuser tunnel from the back looking forward - inverted wing profile with a 12 degree diffuser discharge angle (including vehicle rake).

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Incredible workmanship and engineering!
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