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Old 11-02-2020, 01:49 AM
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Default Bears & MAGA

Every spring migratory Wood Ducks aka Clown Ducks return to my property in the adjacent wetland. The males have bright Red, Blue, Yellow & White feathers. Beautiful timid birds smaller than a chicken. We keep 2 galvanized garbage cans each with 150 lbs of whole corn to feed them. The leave before summer begins & we had about 60+ lbs. of corn left over.

To keep the raccoons & ground hogs from foraging, these cans have
had 4 bricks on top. In the past 25 years none have been successful. Then the local news had photos of a bear foraging near by. Twice the cans were tipped over, so I emptied out the remaining corn as I think they attracted therm.

Our property is surrounded by a 300+ acre wooded park, called Roosevelt Forest where we often walk our dogs. At the top of my driveway is the entrance of this forest & shown below is a new sign the town just put up warn of these new furry visitors.

There was also another sign someone spray painted on the road. Not sure what a MAGA furry looks like.

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