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Originally Posted by 68/70Vette View Post
Originally Posted by BBShark View Post
If you want to do this, the brackets you need are:

AC 10118751
Alt 10233233

Do you know what model of car/truck they were originally made for? The first thing Ill try to do is dig up a parts list for the GM SB Serpentine Kit system to see if perhaps they are similar. I'll have to seek out a local machine shop to make the adapter plates.
About making
The brackets are from a Chevy V8 or V6 truck. About 88-94.
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I got mine from a 91 S-10 V6 pick up. If you get the truck brackets, they won't have the big open space for the A.I.R pump, as trucks didn't need them. I got the brackets, pulleys, bolts, alternator, ps pump and AC comp for $200 from bone yard. I did use the stock alternator, but had it reworked to a 140amp unit. The AC comp and ps pump were also replaced. I'm sure the alt and ps pump were okay (I still have them) but figured while I'm at it..... Oh, the aluminum plate was like $25 with shipping.

I was able to fab the brackets using a band saw with a metal blade and a drill press, then polished them on a buffing wheel I have. When I went looking for a shop to do it, they wanted to retire on the job (without polishing). I did have to take the AC bracket to a shop to mill the 3/8" off the back, I think he charged me $30.

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