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time to finish the parcel shelf.....dont really know how to do this smoothly so i am just doing it.....1/4 panel board

this was 5 hours of constant work

this is where we start the panel has been primed and dryed over night

fit the panel, use tape as a spacing tool off the back bend and make 5 holes for the top, i have decided to use #6 finishing screws through out the #4 screws are loose in the existing holes so i am just going up one size. my original screws are an inbetween size of the now #4 and #6. any way decision made...too hard to find the original holes in the boot

the panel board is glued to the sheet steel

beveled edges sanded and puddyed up with 2 part glazing puddy

while i cut the material

just do it.....what could possibly go wrong? just paint up the panel and vinyl

and then pick up the vinyl to the panel so theres no wrinkles

flip it over and work on the edges

and just work your way around it

and done

and some clamps to compress the seams

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