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Old 02-13-2017, 02:17 AM
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A 1x4 stock method uses a Q-Jet & requires 2 lines on right side of the frame from the fuel tank: a fuel feed line & a vapor return line. All 69 1x4 use that setup which involves an external fuel filter with a separate mount bracket & 3 metal lines. Two are fuel lines: one feed from fuel pump to the filter & the other from the filter to the carb. The third smaller diameter line connects to the top of the vapor port on top of the filter.

The filter used on the above 1x4s is different that most others. Although it has a threaded inlet & outlet it also has the small nipple like vapor port using a small short hose & 2 spring style clamps it doesnt have the pressure the other lines have plus it is mounted with a bracket so its nicely secured. But getting this type of filter in Sweden may be difficult. On the other hand, how many times do you think youll be changing it. Four would probably last a lifetime unless you are commuting to Stockholm.

A tripower 69 does not have the vapor return line so the fuel line is one piece steel all the way from the fuel pump to the 3 Holley carbs. And each carb has its own Brass colored stone filter (i.e. sintered metal) behind the inlet.

L88 fuel line is metal all the way; however it requires a double pumper type Holley carb. No vapor return line on L88 also.

So the value or use of the extra vapor line is not known to me. Im sure you could fab a metal fuel line with all the complex detailed work that you have already accomplished. If you were closer, Id hire you to work on my cars. My regular wrench is busy. Me: too stiff to bend, kneel, wrench you may know this old proverb: Im too light for heavy work; and to heavy for light work.

PS Feel like Im in Sweden. 14 (x 2.54cm) snow two days ago & 3 more today. This time of year I love my 4WD Dodge pk up.
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Old 02-13-2017, 09:28 PM
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This was some new information for me! I have the steel fuel line and the steel return line on the frame in my car. The filter I have is some kind of aftermarket original look-alike steel filter with a return connection which I am using. But, your information reveals a much more intricate system.
Not a chance to get hold of those parts in Sweden...
The best solution is probably to make my own steel line.

I'm honored that you would let me work on your cars!
Too bad the USA is soo far away from here...
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